Boasting immorality…

I stopped to drink tea at a tea stall while coming back from the field after a village meeting. I started to talk to the person who was selling tea, just to know about him and to know different lives. It was a good conversation. Then he told me something which was funny and at the same time it was weird too. He told something, that no one could share so proudly, especially to a stranger.

He was telling about how he started the shop and how is he surviving. He has completed his Bachelor of Arts. There is a secret behind how he passed all exams since his 10th standard….. He used to pin Rs. 100 or 50 notes inside his answer paper as a bribe to the examiner. Whichever paper he was little doubtful he did it. When I asked that there was a possibility that you could get caught and be expelled? Humorously, he told nothing would happen because he knew; money is everything in today’s world. Little amount of money can convert 05 into 50 on your answer papers. He said, even you don’t have to explain the reason for the money you keep; the examiner would understand.


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But the astonishing part was not that he kept money in his exam paper but the way he was explaining it. He was humorous, and there was a sense of pride in his talk that he had done the job so skillfully. It seemed he did not even realize that he had bribed to the examiner. He was happy and boasting about himself without a sign of guilt on his face.

I don’t mean that the person is bad or good but I was just amazed by the way he shared it. I liked talking to him throughout as he was so freely talking to me. I am sure that it was not his own idea but he had learnt it overtime in his socialization process. Teachers, who are supposed to be the backbone of any society in its progress, are entertaining this. Such things have become so common in our society that we don’t even realize that they are social evils. The sense of guilt has gradually disappeared by doing the wrong things continuously.

This is similar to a beautiful quote by Thomas Paine – “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right.” 

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God Bless…..

Abinash Biswal


3 thoughts on “Boasting immorality…

  1. Its an interesting post esp how u have highlighted, losing the guilt feeling. Its a dangerous place to be i guess. I hope few people are influenced by this habit. BTW the closing quote captures the thought beautifully and is so so true.


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