Not Finding God in Expected Places

downloadI am currently reading “ Finding God in unexpected places” by Philip Yancey. Actually this is an achievement as I read  only fiction for various reasons. I was convinced to at least try and finally I gave it a shot. No, I am not hooked or nothing has changed dramatically but it definitely has changed something in the way I think.

Well back to the book, Philip Yancey’s books have catchy titles and this got my attention. I wont be discussing the book here but just fragments of my thoughts. Reading this, pushed me to think if God is in any of the expected places. If you see my life, I am a Missionary Kid, working in a mission hospital, surrounded by “mission work”. This should mean that I see and experience God in all the places, own life, office, mess everywhere because these are expected places. But lately, I have been frustrated as I don’t experience as much. I don’t find God in expected places. No offense to missions but honestly including my self, all I experience is a lot of talk but no walk. It almost feels like God himself wont recognize these places.

Just yesterday my friend and I were discussing about Gandhi, who followed a lot of biblical principles but never followed Christianity. He claimed that he liked Christ but found Christians very different. He found the church not inclusive and uninviting. This is just one example, while there might be so many people who turned away because they did not find God in expected places- in our churches, our lives, our hospitals and many other Christian expected places.

I look at my own life and it scares to see the person I have become, when I don’t reflect God and yet make tall claims about being a Christian. I am scared to even recall the number of people who might have turned away because they did not find God in my life- their expected place.

As Yancey put it beautifully, we overlook God’s presence in our ordinary lives and places but its also important that we keep God in the expected places where people actually look and search or they might give up and we lose them forever.

We can only hope and pray that people who are searching find God wherever they are looking both in the expected and unexpected places.

God Bless.

P.S. I am reminded of a song from my favorite band Petra- Rose colored stained Glass Windows , Do check it out



3 thoughts on “Not Finding God in Expected Places

  1. An amazing post…..a beautiful idea … and a life changing reflection….
    Thank you for sharing
    As you said we have failed again and again to reflect God through our lives

    It is important to preach Gospel through our lives rather than by just preaching…
    We should start now and should start from this line of Gandhi….. “Be the change that you want to see”



  2. Rachel

    Thanks Dude !!!

    I am feeling more guilty after writing this post.

    But definitely it is possible as we are called to be the salt and light and these don’t talk.


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