The Kite Runner – A Review

The kite runner by Khaled Hosseini is an amazing book. I just read it recently and thought to post the review.the-kite-runner-400x400-imadmdqhqxht9qan

It is written with great passion and simplicity and so profound. The author has portrayed the soul of Afghanistan in the book; Afghanistan in its beauty and in its torment.

It is a great piece of writing, with beautiful characters of different age groups. There are wonderful examples of forgiveness and enormous sacrifices. There are characters that have sacrificed and forgiven and being faithful all through their lives. And there are characters who have taken all the risks to rescue a child for life from definite ruin. The abiding faith and loyalty of Hassan towards his master and friend Amir would astound you.

Simply saying, in the midst of misery there is full of hope, redemption and forgiveness.

It is showing the lives during and after the cold war and how the post cold war has affected whole of Afghanistan with the Taliban intrusion. You can imagine every bits of life in Afghanistan through this book. I loved it and my perception towards Afghanistan changed forever…

It is a must read book for all. Written with true spirit and great passion with flow of emotions, you will never feel bored.

I loved the writing and now reading ‘The thousand splendid suns’ by the same author and would post the review soon.

Thank you

God bless…

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