Industry! Industry! I cried

Industry! Industry! I cried

No one answered and no one helped.


Then I turned to God,

and asked, please give me the virtue of ‘industry’.

He answered, have I not given you already?

Then I looked at my life and found it nowhere,

and I turned to him again, but He said, I have given you all the strength, power, and energy to develop any virtue that you need.

I prayed, teach me how can I?


Then He asked, do you love me?

I replied what love has to do with this my Lord? But He repeated,

and I answered I love you ‘very much’.

That’s all you need, He affirmed.


He said, whatever you do, do it with all the love that you have for me,

and do it as you are working for me (col-3:23).

The love for me would guide you, the love for me will give you the strength.

That love will motivate you and it will give you the courage.

The love will give you the purpose and the inspiration.

That love will help you to deny yourself, and it will teach you to labour.

And the love would not only teach you to do what you love but also to love the work you are given.

If you love me, whatever you do, work with all the love in your heart for me.

This will give you rest and this will carry your burden…


Then I stopped a moment, thought for a while and smiled…

…and found myself working…with love…




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