Digging into the Mysteries of Eternity


Where is this span of life in the scale of Eternity?

Ah, hang on, Scale? Is Eternity scalable?

If not, then where is this lifespan that touches eternity? Or how much space does it take or consume in eternity?

Eternity is beyond time. Eternity existed before time and will exist after the time. We can measure this lifespan only in the scale of time because time has a beginning and an end but eternity doesn’t have. And our lifespan can be a tiniest dot in the existence of time. Therefore, when the existence of time is incomprehensible in eternity, then our lifespan in eternity cannot have any physical significance at all.

Time has a beginning and an end, therefore, the past and the future are the concept of time but cannot be of eternity. Only the present touches eternity.  Therefore, never to dwell in past and live in future but live life in the present where we touch the eternity. Never to store treasures in future and never to give future our heart.

Why so much of pride, accumulation of wealth, greed and so much of evil?

In simple words, Why so serious?

Why so serious about the matters of the world? Why do we dwell so much in the past and give the future our heart? We are creatures beyond Time, Space, Being and Identity.

We are not separate entities from eternity and we can only find our identity in the eternity itself. When eternity has no beginning and end, God who says, “I am the beginning and the end and the Alpha and the Omega” is Eternity Himself.  Thus our Being and Identity can only be found in Him alone.

We must ask, seek, and knock to find the mysteries of eternity. And “the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End” is the only one who can reveal to us this.

keep digging…



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