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A beautiful Easter morning….

Yesterday, was a beautiful experience of Easter morning at our hospital campus….

The Local Mennonite Church had organised the Easter morning service at  the graveyard like every year. But for me it was a first time experience…

There was a candle march from the church to the graveyard at 4 O’clock in the morning. And we had our worship at the graveyard followed by some programs by children. Families decorated the graves with flowers and candles…looked beautiful…

Whenever I visit Graveyards, it makes me humble and reminds me of the truth that I have come from dust and my body will melt away to dust. Why pride, ego, hatred and competition??? What am I going to achieve that I can carry with me… ? it encourages me to live fully, being joyful, love wholeheartedly and make peace….What a great preacher is the graveyard!!! But visiting graveyard on an Easter morning was a complete different experience.

The beautiful early morning turned into a wonderful experience as we worshiped the Almighty God. Families remembering their loved ones, who have passed away and an assurance that we all will meet in heaven one day. In John 11:25-26 Jesus said  “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die”.

It was indeed a serene morning….hearty worship….above all the joy of Easter….“We know that Christ, being raised from the dead, will never die again; death no longer has dominion over him.” (Romans 6:9).

Yes!!! Through his resurrection He gives hope and assurance in life everyday…..but on Easter we just celebrate it differently…and that’s beautiful too….

Some of the photographs of the event:








Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…1 Peter 1:3

Thank You

God Bless….

Bleed Blue…

It’s ICC World Cup 2015 semi-final.article-0-126DA003000005DC-545_634x377It is going to be a big day for all Indian cricket fans. Defending champion India is taking on mighty Australia. It’s going to be a big game and India has got everything to defeat the four time champions. They have been the best throughout the tournament and I hope they will continue it through next two big matches to become World Champions for the third time. Two more hurdles to repeat history.

Oh!!! the countdown has begun, and in some hours, two best teams will be at war….waiting for that and hoping for an exciting match… Where ever you live make it for this big match….Probably the best match of the tournament….

Bleed Blue…

May God be with our team…

International Day for Persons with Disabilities – 2014

December 3rd is observed world wide as the International Day for Persons With Disabilities and the UN theme for the year is “Sustainable Development, The Promise of Technology”.

This day provides a platform to bring to light People with Disabilities, their abilities, their issues, their opinions. It also provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to assess themselves to see how far PWDs have been included in development both as beneficiaries and as agents.

This year’s theme is interesting as it focuses on Development that should be sustainable and a giant contributor to development- ICTs(Information Communication technology). The focus is also on present and upcoming technology, to see if they are inclusive and also how far technology can be used to improve inclusion and facilitate better participation of PWDs. We believe that higher level of participation from all sections of society would result in Sustainable Development.

As part of our work, we celebrated IDPWD a day earlier. This was done so that PWDs from our areas could be involved in the programs done by the government on 3rd December. It was an interesting day, we had approximately 250 participants, all People with disabilities from about 35 villages spread across 2 districts. The program was organized with an aim to create awareness regarding disability to the general public and to help PWDs experience and explore new things.

We also had the privilege of the participation of our District Social Welfare Officer, who also has the reputation of being a young, enthusiastic officer with special regard to disability affairs, the District Disability Rehabilitation Officer and the Block Development Officer.

Along with this year’s theme, we also focused on practical needs for PWDs, we had sessions and stalls showcasing different livelihood options, things to keep in mind when planning for livelihood. Another stall depicted Community Based Aids and Appliances (these can be made at home using local resources) and also information on rights and schemes.

Below are pictures from yesterday’s program, Happy Reading.

Registration of Participants
Starting the programme with prayer
Lamp lighting by Chief Guest
Welcoming the gathering by Mr. Prabodh Kujur
Honoring guests
A view of participants
A special song by a Participant
Stalls on livelihood and adis and appliences
Speech by Chief guest (District Social Welfare Officer)
Display of Aids and Appliances which can be made locally
Session on Livelihood by Mr. Abinash Biswal
Session on Aid & Appliances by Mr. Ebez George
Session on Home based therapy by Ms. Sheron



God Bless…..

Finger Millet – the wonder crop and God’s precious gift…

Finger Millet is one of the most precious gifts from God to the Human kind, said Dr. Haider, Professor, Birsa Agriculture University (BAU), Ranchi. The capacity to resist drought and its high nutritious values make this a wonder crop in drought prone areas in fighting food insecurity and malnutrition.

I had mentioned previously that we were able to help 46 farmers restart the crop previous year. This year we got more than 300 requests for finger millet seed from our project area. We found there were so many other people interested to restart Finger Millet outside our target villages too. As we had around 300 farmers to cultivate finger millet this year, we had organized an interface meeting with BAU on 17th where Prof. Haider addressed the farmers. Prof. Haider shared some important information on Finger Millet and its significance in the region. Following this, we had a question- answer session with farmers where they discussed their difficulties in millet cultivation and about different methods of Finger Millet cultivation.

This was a good beginning before monsoon and would help many farmers to restart the crop and motivate many others in the region also. Many realized that Finger Millet is not just one of the other crops but it is a crop with extreme significance for this region. This is a beautiful beginning but we hope to see the result in the field, villages and families through coming years.

We are not only trying to promote food and nutritional security among this drought affected region but also to help bring this traditional crop back to the mainstream. This is not just a crop but a wonder crop.

These are some of the photographs of the interface meeting:

Dr. Jeevan, our Director welcoming the guests and farmers
It was first time to see so many people gathering for a millet programme
Dr. Haider lighting the lamp
Cake cutting….It was Finger Millet cake made by Dr. Jeevan


Prof. Haider interacting with farmers
Dr Savita, BAU interacting with farmers


Final words by Dr. Jeevan


Stall for Finger Millet seeds and other millet products


Thank you


World Environment Day 2014

Like many we also observed World Environment Day 2014. Along with the host country Barbados, the whole world celebrated the day all over the place. We also didn’t stay inside our homes on this Global Day for action. We organized a rally with our village community. Women, Children and men from 15 different villages participated in the programme. It was fun, informative, communicative, full of passion and a great experience.

We had a rally of about 5 KMs followed by a programme where we had invited the Block Development Officer as our chief guest. There were around 230 people present in the programme. We managed to show the participants, some videos on Global warming, followed by a small presentation. The response was very encouraging. Villagers pledged to protect their forest, stop using plastic bags, use organic fertilizers and plant trees this year onwards. If supported, they would be a part of all the work happening towards Environment conservation. Even though they are least responsible for the Global Warming they showed great enthusiasm to fight this… Together we can, they said….

Some of the photographs of the programme….

Preparation for WED – Everybody so focused
Fun during the preparation
Starting of Rally
Active Participation of Women
On the Way – Women leading the rally
Entering Satbarwa Market Place
Lamp Lighting
Video Presentation
Sharing by participants
The event covered by the local newspaper


Not you or me responsible for Global Warming but we all. So we all have to fight this….Come join and save the planet, our glorious home…. Together we can…..

Thank You

God Bless…..


Every year. Everywhere. Everyone

Hi, this is World Environment Day 2014!!!

What are you thinking??? Yeah I am talking to you all…. It’s June 5th…. What are you going to do tomorrow on Environment Day??  What have you planned??? I am sure all of you must have planned something!!!

Raise your voice, Not the sea level– yes! This is the theme of 2014…. It’s about global warming this time…..

This is global day for action for the environment…. Have you planned something??? If you have, that’s great….but if you have not planned, no problem…there is time, you have one day, you can do something now…. Just do anything you can… may it be in your home, community, village, city, school, university, office anywhere…wherever you are…you can do something…. take action no matter how small it may be…. Anything you can do…..You can at least talk about it to ten people.

UNEP suggests every action counts, whether it is to organize clean-up campaigns, walk-to-work days, plastic purges, art exhibits, tree-planting drives, concerts, dance recitals, switching off the lights, recycling drives, social media campaigns and different contests — every action counts. Friends that’s why I am saying just do anything, even a small thing….

This year we are celebrating to stop global warming…..stop sea level rise and save small islands nations…

Message of United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon – “This year, I urge everyone to think about the plight of Small Island Developing States and to take inspiration from their efforts to address climate change, strengthen resilience and work for a sustainable future. Raise your voice, not the sea level. Planet Earth is our shared island. Let us join forces to protect it”.

I don’t have to explain about global warming…. We all know the causes of global warming and its impact very well….it is no more a strange word, it’s a global issue now.…. And you know very well how to stop or fight Global Warming….. So stop looking at others…. it’s time for you to act….. Do it Today or never….

We all know its impact on poor and marginalized….. Even though they hardly contribute to global warming, they are the ones, most exposed to its impact…..this is injustice!! Any kind of natural calamity strikes them the most…. Therefore, act for a resilient community and sustainable future….. Stop this injustice against the poor and future generations…Take Action… It’s up to you……

Start it now….from this Environment day…..Everyone, everywhere, everyday…..

Thank you

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God bless you



Agriculture Exhibition (Kisan mela)

We had organized a Block level agricultural Exhibition on 19th February. The main objective was to help bridge the information gap among farmers and help them to build a meaningful network with agricultural society and institutions. As many farmers lack  knowledge on alternative farming’s, latest technology and government schemes and policies related to agriculture, the programme was very useful for them. Through this, we were able to establish links between government departments/ institutions and farmers.


30 farmers had brought agricultural products for the exhibition.


During the event we had put a stall to sell some readymade finger millet products in order to promote finger millet in the region. Finger millet is one of the traditional crop used to be cultivated in the region before the green revolution in India. After this many Indian farmers gradually stopped millet cultivation and shifted to rice and wheat cultivation. Green revolution helped us to somehow deal with the issue of food insecurity but it left many other communities especially drought prone regions to starve or migrate. Finger Millet can be one of the best agricultural options for this community, because it will contribute to both food security and nutrition in the area.

Last year 46 farmers had restarted finger millet cultivation and this year we have got lot of positive responses from farmers that they are very  interested to start finger millet cultivation. As people are forgetting finger millet and its worth, we are trying our best to bring this back to the mainstream agricultural society. Thus, Finger millet being a drought resistant crop would contribute to both of our purposes – food security and nutrition.

Photo3138Finger millet food stall – selling of Idly, Poori and Noodles


Finger millet biscuits at the stall

During the exhibition we had organized a question- answer session between farmers and scientists from Agricultural Research Center. In this, farmers asked many practical questions to scientists on agricultural development and regarding the problems that they are facing in day to day agricultural activities. The session was very informative and useful for many farmers as it was the best chance for them to have an open interaction with scientists from research institutes.


Scientist from research institute responding to a question


A farmer asking a question


A farmer receiving prize

At the end some of the farmers were awarded by our organisation for their best effort and result in previous year agriculture. The award ceremony was very encouraging for farmers as it was a public recognition for their wonderful contribution to the field of agriculture and food security.

This is a brief post on the event, God willing; I would bring you many more event posts about what we do.

Thank You        God Bless…..

Abinash Biswal