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I am strong when I am weak…

When you do something different and pursue your dream there are people who encourage you and there are people who discourage. But ultimately you do what feels right to you and what God leads you to do.

When you are starting a different thing or in a new place, doing something you have never done before, it might be difficult in the beginning. But knowing that God is always there, is a great assurance. As the word says – “He will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deu-31:6

“Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart”. Ps-37:4

We all feel good in our strengths but not in our weakness. Here someone says, I am strong when I am weak. As God says, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” 2 Cor-12:9. Isn’t that amazing? I don’t have to worry about my weakness because when I am weak God’s strength works in me with abundance.

I recently joined the University of Leeds and one of my friends asked me what is my hope for this year? That was a good question. That made me think about why I am here and what exactly I need to do in this year.

I had a purpose to come to this place for study and have a dream for what will I do after my study. There is a purpose, why I have come all the way from my home.

Lots of things happening around and you can do anything you want to. But everything is not part of your dream or purpose. Therefore, one needs to be sure of his/her own purpose and goal. Do things, you are here to do and focus on the things that matter eternally. Don’t be carried away by things that matter least to your purpose and plan. Give maximum time and effort to the things you have come here for.

…and remember, there is a world waiting for you to come and share your life. There is a world needs you to be with them. There are so many people need you and your skill and potential to help build a better world. You have a big task to do. A greater assignment. You are being prepared for greater things in life. So keep that in mind. Enjoy the time and prepare yourself for the best.

That’s what I feel right now….Sometimes talking to own self, comforts…One needs to take some time to talk to him/herself…Not when you have nobody but everyday, I think so…That’s how we discover ourselves.


God Bless…

….see some of the photos taken from the airplane earlier this week in my next post…

Nav Jivan – During Monsoon

Since three years rainfall in this area had been quite low and had affected agriculture by a huge margin. By the grace of God, this time the rainfall seems to be promising. Until now the amount of rainfall is quite good and hope it continues for some more days. We wish this year farmers will have a good and substantial cultivation of the monsoon crops. Ponds and other water sources that were dried up since two years are starting to flow again. It seems like the greenery has been restored and we pray it continues too. We thank God for this showers of blessings as we hope there would be enough in store for poor farmers.

Here are some photographs of our campus during monsoon this year. hope you enjoy…






Water from different places getting merged and flowing down to the pond
Hospital Pond, This pond was dried up completely last year.
Maintenance guys clearing up the water ways.
Mr. Eliyas making sure of uninterrupted water flow



My friends coming to see our pond which is getting filled up
View of our pond from the other side


You can see water in the agriculture field outside of our campus…Last year we played soccer in the same fields during this month.



Rachel bunking office and enjoying the rain out there..


And the Photographer…

Pray for us so that we may continue to have good rain…

Thank you

God Bless…

Water- the Elixir of Life or May be Not…

This was my first visit to Chukru, a small village in the Palamu district. Although I had heard quite a bit about the village, it did not prepare me for what I saw and heard. Here is an account of my experience of my field visit, a very familiar but tragic tale.

Chukru is notoriously well known as the village, with record number of people affected with Skeletal Fluorosis, a condition caused by extensive exposure to Fluorine content in the water. A limited exposure would lead to the dental condition, Fluorosis but a chronic exposure could scar you for life. But Chukru is not only famous for this issue but also the extensive amount of work done on paper and feeble attempts in reality both by government and non- government agencies.

It is said that almost every NGO who initiated work in the Palamu district (one of the most backward districts in the state) had visited the village, made promises only to never come back. The people of the village, frustrated have lost hope and are afraid to trust any more.

I had visited the village because our staff shared that they were finding it difficult to reach out to people (we work with people with disabilities and their rights) as they didn’t want to even access their rights which were available.

Here are lives of two families I met, which is a representation of almost every family in the village.

Upendar is 9 years old, a happy go lucky kid just catching few minutes of play before school started. As I stopped to chat with him, I found that both he and his brother Ajay have been victims to this dreadful condition. Although other discussions held in the village showed that most people who were affected, manifested symptoms only after their twenties.

As we talked, his mother walked in nonchalantly (not a usual sight in the village, especially when there are strangers in your house). She didn’t seem expectant at all, giving me the feeling that she was used to people interviewing their family. Still determined, I sat to talk to her as well. She shared of her three children, both the boys were the ones affected.

The family had also spent a lot of money in treatment and finally gave up as they did not get any medical help.I told her that I had met her son and that he was a bright kid. She beamed as she proudly declared that she was determined to give both her sons good education, as it was the only source of hope.

The other family I met were a couple both very old and had lived with this condition for almost 30 years. In addition to this, they also do not have any children and are dependent on each other. Both of them shared they had adjusted to this life and have no expectations of any change.

A crowd had gathered around us and people were enquiring was this the meeting that was supposed to happen. I was surprised as we did not plan any meeting, when we found out that another “NGO” had come to hold a meeting to discuss the issue. People shared that this was a non-stop happening as the village has been a constant attraction. They asked me what would I do, I didn’t have an answer.

We explained that we are not here to solve their water crisis rather to work with people who are already affected. We enquired if the people had taken any steps, they shared that they had protests, marches but each time same promises were made to shut them up. I have no clue what we will be able to do in this village as everyday people are still drinking the same infected water and just waiting for the worst to happen, a destiny they feel that cannot be changed.

We, in the project don’t want to be just another NGO with promises, the magnitude of the problem scares me but am reassured by this very familiar verse “My Grace is sufficient for you, My strength is made perfect in your weakness”. I am not sure of the way forward but one thing I know is that for any sustainable change to happen, it is absolutely necessary for people to be part of that process. I believe that there is light at the end of this tunnel in Chukru; it’s just a matter of time till we reach there.

If you are reading this, I would appreciate any thoughts, feedbacks and experiences you might have on similar issues.

Thank you

God Bless.Photo5972

Being Graceful

ImageGrace is a causal word, that is thrown around a lot. Most of us have experienced grace but few of us pause to think of its significance. This thought came to me, during our small sunday evening Bible study and got me thinking of my experiences with grace . I have been given a lot of opportunities to experience His grace in my everyday life but the ultimate gift of grace was given through salvation. I believe most of us have experienced this grace. But my question today is how many of us are graceful to other people???

This bring me to the most basic question, What is Grace and what is being graceful ? I remember a simple definition that my pastor quoted in one of his messages, GImagerace is receiving what we don’t deserve. Applying this to our lives it holds true, as none of us deserve salvation and many other favours from the Lord , yet He is continually gracious and compassionate.

So what is being graceful, we cant give salvation but we have various other ways to be graceful. It could mean overlooking an offence, speaking gently, celebrating differences or putting up with annoying people. My friend had rightly pointed out that we claim that the person has crossed the limit and we react. We are unable to tolerate annoying people or even be friendly to different people. we may feel that some people don’t deserve our grace but we should never forget we never deserved God’s grace in the first place. The question arises, what if God felt like that with us because we so often cross the limit.

What is ironical is that we who have experienced grace, we should be the ones being the most graceful; but a deep look at my life and I realise I haven’t been all that graceful especially in my thoughts.  I find it difficult to celebrate differences , I find it difficult to be graceful. When I reflect at my life, I see myself as the ungrateful servant in the parable in Matthew 18 : 21- 35.

Here’s to my self and all who are reading, to take up the Grace challenge, to be graceful to at least one person a day even in our thoughts. To let go, when you have something sarcastic to say or to stop judging somebody in our minds or to just be there for someone .

I just thought it would be appropriate to end with a stanza from one of the most dearly loved hymns, Amazing Grace by John Newton.

T’was Grace that taught my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed


Being Graceful is difficult but not impossible