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Digging into the Mysteries of Eternity


Where is this span of life in the scale of Eternity?

Ah, hang on, Scale? Is Eternity scalable?

If not, then where is this lifespan that touches eternity? Or how much space does it take or consume in eternity?

Eternity is beyond time. Eternity existed before time and will exist after the time. We can measure this lifespan only in the scale of time because time has a beginning and an end but eternity doesn’t have. And our lifespan can be a tiniest dot in the existence of time. Therefore, when the existence of time is incomprehensible in eternity, then our lifespan in eternity cannot have any physical significance at all.

Time has a beginning and an end, therefore, the past and the future are the concept of time but cannot be of eternity. Only the present touches eternity.  Therefore, never to dwell in past and live in future but live life in the present where we touch the eternity. Never to store treasures in future and never to give future our heart.

Why so much of pride, accumulation of wealth, greed and so much of evil?

In simple words, Why so serious?

Why so serious about the matters of the world? Why do we dwell so much in the past and give the future our heart? We are creatures beyond Time, Space, Being and Identity.

We are not separate entities from eternity and we can only find our identity in the eternity itself. When eternity has no beginning and end, God who says, “I am the beginning and the end and the Alpha and the Omega” is Eternity Himself.  Thus our Being and Identity can only be found in Him alone.

We must ask, seek, and knock to find the mysteries of eternity. And “the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End” is the only one who can reveal to us this.

keep digging…



Industry! Industry! I cried

Industry! Industry! I cried

No one answered and no one helped.


Then I turned to God,

and asked, please give me the virtue of ‘industry’.

He answered, have I not given you already?

Then I looked at my life and found it nowhere,

and I turned to him again, but He said, I have given you all the strength, power, and energy to develop any virtue that you need.

I prayed, teach me how can I?


Then He asked, do you love me?

I replied what love has to do with this my Lord? But He repeated,

and I answered I love you ‘very much’.

That’s all you need, He affirmed.


He said, whatever you do, do it with all the love that you have for me,

and do it as you are working for me (col-3:23).

The love for me would guide you, the love for me will give you the strength.

That love will motivate you and it will give you the courage.

The love will give you the purpose and the inspiration.

That love will help you to deny yourself, and it will teach you to labour.

And the love would not only teach you to do what you love but also to love the work you are given.

If you love me, whatever you do, work with all the love in your heart for me.

This will give you rest and this will carry your burden…


Then I stopped a moment, thought for a while and smiled…

…and found myself working…with love…




Sound of Silence

As on June 30th we had finished our project cycle of three years. The past three years was an amazing but strenuous experience, especially the last 6 months as we frenzied through activities leaving all of us in our team exhausted. Hence a retreat was planned for the team away from all the noise and work in a place about 200 kms away. We stayed in an abandoned but beautiful retreat centre.

The 2 days away from all the chaos was a blessing and the 1st session was one of the most interesting times. It was part of the devotion and we had found a beautiful spot, which most probably was a popular spot as there were stone benches, greenery all around and peaceful. Our facilitator asked, all of us to grab a bench each and spend some time silently. He encouraged us to close our eyes and just listen to the sounds around us.

I chose the farthest bench in a hurry to get away from everything and as I closed my eyes, breathed the cool fresh air and listened unintentionally to all the sounds of around me. It was blissful…. Those 15 minutes in silence actually helped and as I sat there, I put all I heard into words and out came this silly poem, hope you enjoy it.

P.S. It doesn’t rhyme but bear with me, I was in a trance, ha ha ….

The sweet sound of silence

Can be heard only in the quiet

The rhythmic beating of your heart

The distant crow of the roosterPhoto6080

The occasional sound of a vehicle passing by

The song of the Koel

The constant chirping of the Crickets

All this and more

Can be only heard

In the sweet sound of silence

Clam your heart

Close your eyes

Open your ears

And enjoy the sweet sound of silence

I strongly encourage everyone reading this, if you’r rushing through life, stop, take a break, go somewhere far away from work, breathe some fresh air, close your eyes, open your ears and enjoy the sweet sound of silence.

Note: More pictures of this amazing place coming up in the next post.

Happy Reading, God Bless…

A Face in the Web

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A lot has been written and debated on the vicious cycle of poverty and disability and has always been of interest to me as well. Often we get lost in the academics of these concepts that reality doesn’t affect us as much. But during my field visit yesterday, I happened to meet someone caught in that web, a face in that vicious cycle.

Anshu is a 2 year old girl with delay in developmental milestones. I had met her during one of our assessment camps for Children with disabilities. She was accompanied by her mother. In the initial interaction, her mother seemed surprisingly knowledgeable. I later found that she was a trained health assistant and had been working for about 6 years. I even took the liberty to assume that the child was getting good care at home and that everything would turn out ok. But unfortunately, not everything is as we see it. A long interaction and a visit to their home showed the other side of their lives.

Anshu is the only child in her family, her father lives in Kerala in South India, where he with many other men from the village had migrated in search of jobs mostly unskilled labour. Her mother is hopeful that her daughter would recover. She had quit her job as a heath assistant to take care of her daughter and is dependent on her husband.

But this is not all, Anshu has a heart condition, when asked if they had taken any treatment, her mother explained that they had gone to Ranchi (about 150 kms away) but couldn’t admit the child as they did not have money and had to come back. She said when they had saved enough money there was no one to accompany them. Her father visits once a year and that could be a time for them to go for treatment but this year due to lack of rains, there has been no agriculture and it also means that her father would not come home this year.

As we observed the child playing cheerfully, it was heart breaking to watch her stop and gasp for air. I offered her a biscuit, her face lit up but she was too tired to come and take it from my hand. As we talked, am disturbed by the thought of how much longer would the child be able to hold on? I pried her mom on if they were planning to have other children, her reply was surprising, she said they wanted to wait till the child is independent otherwise they wouldn’t be able to take care of her properly. I am not sure what is the right reaction or suggestion. I left quietly with a promise to come back. I only can whisper a prayer that the family would win the race against time cause every time I remember that family, I am left with an image of little Anshu waving but her little heart beating so rapidly that it was visible from where I stand.

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Thank You