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Making Sense of Sexual Energy

Nothing is created without a purpose and sexual energy is not an exception.

However, it has been causing so much damage every day in and around us.

As a believer, when I believe that everything has a purpose, I also believe that if a purposeful creation produces negative outcomes, it is because of its misuse or overuse or ignorance over its proper use.  Many of us are good at misusing things because we often act on instincts rather than thoughtful engagement or going to the root/depth.

What is the good use of sexual energy? Use within the marriage, for procreation, for (legitimate/appropriate) pleasure and relieving physical and emotional stress? All sounds great but is that all ‘sexual energy’ is for? Sex is an inevitable part of a healthy marriage however that is not the whole purpose, the sexual energy should be used for.

Sexual energy is a great force in our body and mind. Are we not responsible to use it for its intended purpose? Apart from the use for our own selves, shouldn’t we also channel this gifted energy toward more meaningful and greater tasks ahead of us?

In other words, when over indulgence or suppression of the energy is not all productive, shouldn’t we redirect this energy to our work, writing, serving, creative thinking so on and so forth? And can we?

We must seek to find out ourselves, because as humans, seeking and finding is an obligation, not an option.



God Bless…

P.S. For further understanding on the topic read Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Don’t worry, the book is not all about financial richness. Chapter – The Mystery of Sex.

I am strong when I am weak…

When you do something different and pursue your dream there are people who encourage you and there are people who discourage. But ultimately you do what feels right to you and what God leads you to do.

When you are starting a different thing or in a new place, doing something you have never done before, it might be difficult in the beginning. But knowing that God is always there, is a great assurance. As the word says – “He will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deu-31:6

“Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart”. Ps-37:4

We all feel good in our strengths but not in our weakness. Here someone says, I am strong when I am weak. As God says, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” 2 Cor-12:9. Isn’t that amazing? I don’t have to worry about my weakness because when I am weak God’s strength works in me with abundance.

I recently joined the University of Leeds and one of my friends asked me what is my hope for this year? That was a good question. That made me think about why I am here and what exactly I need to do in this year.

I had a purpose to come to this place for study and have a dream for what will I do after my study. There is a purpose, why I have come all the way from my home.

Lots of things happening around and you can do anything you want to. But everything is not part of your dream or purpose. Therefore, one needs to be sure of his/her own purpose and goal. Do things, you are here to do and focus on the things that matter eternally. Don’t be carried away by things that matter least to your purpose and plan. Give maximum time and effort to the things you have come here for.

…and remember, there is a world waiting for you to come and share your life. There is a world needs you to be with them. There are so many people need you and your skill and potential to help build a better world. You have a big task to do. A greater assignment. You are being prepared for greater things in life. So keep that in mind. Enjoy the time and prepare yourself for the best.

That’s what I feel right now….Sometimes talking to own self, comforts…One needs to take some time to talk to him/herself…Not when you have nobody but everyday, I think so…That’s how we discover ourselves.


God Bless…

….see some of the photos taken from the airplane earlier this week in my next post…



Transformation is not when people have achieved their goal but it is when they realize their goal.

Transformation is when the community has a clear vision of their future.

If people are empowered enough to know their present situation and know where they want to see themselves in some years, it is transformation. Transformation is, knowing what the good situation is. Once the vision is clear, people will find a way…

As development workers, our job is not to tell them what to do but help them to realize their goal/vision and little bit of encouragement in the process.

If we put all our strength on telling them what to do rather helping them to have a vision, once we withdraw they will go off track.

As John F. Kennedy said “Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”.

If you have strength, you work hard and have courage, you will reach nowhere without a vision. Therefore the important thing is you need to have a vision and with little help in how to get there would get you there. Courage comes with the vision.

You’re never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.” Richard Bachtransformation_brand_science

[Acknowledgement: Mr. George Kutty for his valuable inputs during a discussion at office]

Thank you

God Bless…


Be ‘Full of Life, Now’ and forever….

Happy New Year

I hope the year 2014 had been a great year for all of us. I think we all had lots to learn and had so many rich experiences. The year has become history and it will be written in the history forever. I hope the experiences we all had in the year may be remembered all through our lives. It gave us loads of great feelings, experiences and learning and courage to walk through the future. So with these little appreciation and good feelings I give farewell to 2014. I thank God for the blessed year…

Now when we enter to the New Year, it is a grand feeling. I hope the year will be the best than all the past years. Let’s grow continuously through this year till the final breath of life. Let’s live it full through good and difficult circumstances.

At this juncture of moving to a new year, let’s evaluate the past year and plan the next…. Let’s take some resolution for our new year and try to follow those towards our life goal… I have my New Year Resolution and I am sharing this with you so that I may be accountable to all the readers and my friends….Here is mine:

  1. I would strengthen my relationship with God by spending quality time in prayer, meditation and by experiencing God’s presence in day to day life.
  2. Practice Kindness and Gentleness: I would focus on practicing these two personal qualities/characters in this year.
  3. Read every day: I will read a book everyday may it be at least one hour.
  4. Write More: I will spend more time in writing.
  5. Will do lots of research: may it be personal or professional, May it be small and informal ones.
  6. Better management of personal Finance: This has been never successful but I will try my best.
  7. Will try not to waste time on things which matters less: Which does not benefit me and others.

These are the seven New Year resolutions that I have taken. I will try my best in disciplining myself to follow these. I have taken many resolutions in past and failed in following many times…and I have taken this time and know that I may fail to follow number of time….But still I take because It does not matter to me, how many times I would fail to follow but every time I fail, I would like to see myself getting up and practicing again towards the dream and purpose of my life….

I hope you have taken yours so I wish you all the best for practicing those….

May it be a great year for you and may you grow continuously towards the great purpose of your life…. God Bless you…Be crazy and….Be ‘Full of Life, Now’ and forever….

Betla National Park, Jharkhand, India


Thank You