Splendid Sunset….

  Thank you God Bless..


Mussoorie; The queen of Hills….

Mussoorie is known as the queen of hills, popular and one of the most beautiful hill station in India. It is a small town  situated on the hills. The glorious and magnificent view of the mountains, snow during winter, lush green forest, splendid sunrise and sunset and beautiful view of the clouds make it a must visit …

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Netrahat the beauty beyond description

Netrahat is a beautiful hill station in Jharkhand state of India. We had an opportunity to spend a full day from sunrise to sunset at the place..... Mountains, forest, cloud and glorious sunrise and sunset…. Oh I love the place…. There are some beautiful photographs of the place starting from sunrise to sunset…. Truly it's …

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For those who say no GOD….

Glorious Sky, Magnificent Sunset and Exceptional Clouds "For those who say no God - to Believe .......Those who believe - to Praise" "O LORD,  I love the habitation of your house & the place where your glory dwells"- Psa 26:8   (These photos were taken from one particular place in two different days) (This Photo was taken from …

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Sat Tal (Seven lakes)

We had our reporting meeting in October at Sat Tal Christian Ashram which is very near to famous Nainital, Uttarakhand. The Ashram was established by well-known missionary Dr. E Stanley Jones in 1930. The ashram is situated on a beautiful mountain surrounded by 7 lakes called Sat Tal. We had an amazing time during the …

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Holiday @ Malpe Beach

During my holidays I spent two days in Manipal and had a wonderful evening at Malpe beach. Malpe beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Malabar Coast.  The magnificence of Malpe is known to very few but it has always fascinated me.  These are some of the photos of Malpe beach in the evening. The island …

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